“Ricordati”: watch the clip that explains Tekné

Information, Innovation, Evolution

In the management and dissemination of data

Winner of the 14th Trophy of Excellence 2017 GiPA at Autopromotec, the International Biennial of Equipment and Automotive Aftermarket, our company is specialized in the creation and supply of high quality Automotive services, through customized solutions to support the customer: Manufacturers, Distributors, Networks, Garage.

Every second in the Automotive market millions of data are created, modified or dissolved, acquiring value only if updated and made available in real time. 

Information requests come from all over the world every day. Only specialized technicians provide multi-channel solutions through innovative tools.

 Data control processes generate value through solution analysis and integrated guarantee management. 

Cutting-edge educational activities, backed up by the knw-how gained in the ground, offer the only answer to the exponential increase of data complexity.