The efforts of ADPA – European Association of Independent Automotive Data Publishers to safeguard the future of the automotive market continue. The Manifesto for Mobility 2024 – 2029 was published in the days leading up to the European elections.


Recently, ADPA published a manifesto addressed to the new members of the European Parliament and the European Commission. The goal is to improve the safety, sustainability and affordability of road mobility during their next term in office. The manifesto, titled “Keeping EU Moving: Manifesto for Safe, Sustainable, Affordable Mobility 2024-2029“, is a call to action to implement concrete measures that will benefit the entire European community.


ADPA’s Mobility Manifesto 2024-2029: A Vision for the Future

ADPA calls on the new members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to concretely improve safety, sustainability and affordability of road mobility during their next term.

The independent, multi-brand aftermarket sector involves all the companies that test, maintain, diagnose, and repair your vehicle.

It includes local auto repairs, but also specialized auto repairs, energy suppliers, and, of course, the entire ecosystem. All silently but relentlessly provide them with the tools, parts, information and expertise they need.

It employs more than 3 million people: three times as many jobs as car manufacturers-no less! – distributed among more than 500,000 companies, many of them SMEs, located throughout Europe.

They are essential for the mobility of all European citizens, businesses and public authorities. Particularly the 5,000,000 Europeans who contribute to the road transport of people and goods. We are talking about some global pioneers creating local jobs, in local companies, for local communities, enabling a life made of everyday life for everyone.


“Yes, the independent, multi-brand aftermarket can contribute to better mobility!”


Read the Mobility Manifesto 2024-2029 >


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For the first time, the CEO and the international managers of the Automotive sector will meet in Latina in the Automotive Innovation Center and they will discuss the latest trends of the sector during the first General Assembly of Carmunication of 2024.


We are particularly proud to communicate that Carmunication chose our Automotive Innovation Center located in Monte Bianco Street, to host its first General Assembly for 2024, which is to be attended also by Tekne Consulting” (Patrick Lo Pinto, CEO Tekné Consulting)



Carmunication is the independent association for the entire IAM sector – Independent Automotive Aftermarket and it includes manufacturers, distributors, technicians, start-up,data transmission specialists and experts who act together like the “in-vehicle data lighthouse”.   Carmunication usually plays its Assemblies in unique corporate locations, which are representative for the entire sector. In the past few years, aftermarket association members gathered at BREMBO headquarters – Miglio Rosso in Bergamo and previously at Boing headquarters, in Toulouse.

This year, for the first time, the associate members of Carmunication will gather in Latina, confronting the latest trends of the sector, such as big data and AI and networking. The Assembly will start on the 11th March, at the Conference Center of Mercure Hotel Leonardo da Vinci and it will finish on the 12th March in Latina, at Tekné Automotive Innovation Center.


We are proud and happy that the Carmunication Member Patrick Lo Pinto, CEO Tekné Consulting, will host us in his HQ in Latina, Italy” (Walter Birner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Carmunication)



Tekné Consulting is ready to inaugurate the new innovative spaces of the Automotive Innovation Center located in Monte Bianco Street in Latina for a unique event. The international well-known association Carmunication chose the new headquarters as the location for the first annual Assembly of its members. 

The Automotive Innovation Center of Tekné presents in 800 mq advanced equipment and it is enriched with training rooms prepared to provide technical training courses and to produce multimedial technical contents, manuals, tutorial and research and development activities. 



Inside the Innovative Automotive Space there are the latest réparation equipments, calibration systems ADAS, Battery analysis HV, air conditioning, automatic gearbox maintenance, dynamic validation systems, an entire revision line and still: tyre disassembly, wheel balancing and alignment,tyre wear analysis and a hoist. 

In this context, Tekné collaborate actively with Universities such as La Sapienza in Roma through Pomos (Hub for Sustainable Mobility) and San Raffaele University in Rome (Tor Vergata) through Parco Scientifico Tecnologico, in order to support the Research and Development in the context of mobility.


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Teknné Consulting and Dylog Italia: the partnership just signed foresee Dylog Group as a new shareholder in Tekné Consulting with the aim of further developing its automotive service offer.


“The collaboration with Tekné Consulting will allow us to expand our offer to the automotive industry, a very important and strategic market. The group already supports companies in this sector and the partnership will help us reach new heights.” (Rinaldo Ocleppo, Dylog Italia SPA President) 


We are glad to announce Dylog Group as a new Tekné Consulting shareholder. The group, with more than 40 years of experience, develops management softwares and services for companies and professionals.

The partnership has been signed by Rinaldo Ocleppo (Dylog Italia SPA presidente) and Patrick Lo Pinto (CEO Tekné Consulting Srl)

With more than 110’000 customers, over 260M euro turnover and 1600 employees in 20 different cities, Dylog Group is today a solid reference for companies and professionals. Stable and functional products, continuous innovation technology and customer care are essential principles at the core of Dylog philosophy.


“We are proud of our partnership with Dylog Group. Digitalisation, processes and data are key elements in the automotive market today and we believe that Dylog represents for Tekné a strategic partner with whom we are keen to cooperate in order to bring even more innovation to our industry.” (Patrick Lo Pinto, CEO Tekné Consulting Srl)


They Talk About Us


Reasonable and proportionate data fees: The European Data Publisher associations, ADPA and GVA, react to the change of motion on purely procedural grounds from the European Court of Justice.


THE EUROPEAN DATA PUBLISHER  ASSOCIATIONS ADPA, react to the change of motion on purely procedural grounds from the European Court of Justice. The Court acknowledged that “the dismissal of the lawsuit will not pacify the dispute between the parties”, and that “the changed motion, had it been admissible might actually be suitable for solving the dispute. (Ralf Pelkmann, ADPA President)


Over the last years, vehicle manufacturers have imposed dramatic increases in fees to access repair and maintenance information.. In some cases with a fee increase of more than 1,000%.

ADPA reported as well that, the risk of a significant competition reduction, will affect as well the drivers, as long as access to technical data, even when envisaged and sanctioned by law, is in fact limited by the “barrier” of excessive cost.


THIS ENDANGERS THE COMPETITIVENESS and even the viability of the entire independent, multi- brand aftermarket, and could result in owners not having an affordable, reliable alternative to repair and maintain their vehicles in the future.


Currently, vehicle manufacturers are not obliged to share access to technical information. This has been confirmed by the European Court of Justice, appealed by ADPA and GVA.


TODAY ADPA MEMBERS directly contribute to the roadworthiness, safety and environmental performance of more than 320 million vehicles…

Overview of the case…

“Reasonable and proportionate data fees: clarification needed”

Since 2019, ADPA and GVA engaged in legal proceedings to ensure fair competition in the market.

The dispute regards the question what “reasonable and proportionate fees”, as foreseen in the Type Approval Regulation, constitute. The Court of Cologne rapidly decided to get clarification on the interpretation of European legislation from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) itself.

More than just a confirmation for ADPA and GVA

On the 27th of October 2022, the ECJ rendered a decision confirming ADPA’s and GVA’s position on several points:

  • THE PROVISIONS of the Type Approval Regulation also apply to vehicle models type-approved before it entered into effect
  • DATA PUBLISHER don’t need a licence to use the information they access.

However, the ECJ didn’t provide additional guidance on how “reasonable and proportionate” remuneration for access to repair and maintenance information should be calculated.

Request to amend the motion

ADPA and GVA submitted a request to the Court of Cologne to amend their initial motion in order to reflect the ECJ input.

On the 23rd of February 2023, the Court rejected the change of motion on purely procedural grounds.

The Court of Cologne also acknowledged that the dismissal of the lawsuit will not pacify the dispute between the parties, and that the changed motion, had it been admissible, might actually be suitable for solving the dispute.

ADPA and Data Publisher Role

ADPA President, Ralf Pelkmann, specifies that “the Data Publisher association will continue to look for the best way forward to finally get clear legal guidance on what constitutes reasonable and proportionate fees”, highlighting that:


THE ROLE OF DATA PUBLISHERS IN THE AFTERMARKET IS CRUCIAL as they enable all workshops, and in particular the multi- brand, independent ones, to access reliable and affordable repair and maintenance information for the vehicles on European Union’s roads.


Fore more information:


Tekné extends its automotive training offers by adding Tekné Trucks: technical, theoretical and normative study program.


Tekné Trucks is the exclusive training offer fully dedicated to Heavy Duty and Agricultural repairers.. These specials modules, designed by Tekné’s technical department, will extended the already extensive catalog composed by 80 courses:

  • Theoretical and practical TRAINING 
  • Virtual LESSONS
  • CLASSROOM training

Tekné is constantly updating its offers based on the needs of the market, to the vehicles and to the latest normatives. This is why the company has designed new training sessions dedicated to different brands in the Truck and Agricultural industry.

“Post-combustion treatment system”

Specifically designed for the automotive customer, the first training module offers accurate information around new anti-pollutions Truck and Agricultural, new emissions treatment system and related components to be used.

This course will provide the repairer with a panoramic vision on the latest vehicles circulating in the market and how to better manage and operate with such vehicles and its components.

Module Details

The first step of the training took place with a 4 hours online session. This course will be followed by a “live” session during which the trainee will analyze the components on each vehicle available.

The day will be divided in two parts: theoretical and practical sessions.

The main topics which will be provided by the trainers:

  • ELEMENTS AND RESIDUAL COMPOUNDS of endothermic engines combustion
  • LAW AND STANDARS and standards related to Truck and Agricultural vehicle emissions
  • POST-COMBUSTION TREATMENT systems analysis


The Tekné training offer will further expand in 2023 with the introduction of a new course on Truck diagnostic procedures in case of on-board failure.

For more information, please contact our head quarter:





Tekné Consulting is a holder of the ADPA Label! We are proud to announce that Tekné has taken part in the initiative promoted by the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association which shows its members’ commitment to sustainable and legally fair data publishing in the automotive aftermarket. We therefore welcome the European quality Label of aftermarket Data publishers…

ADPA Label: The quality seal of automotive data publishers

ADPA Members, eight European leading data publishers, including Tekné Consulting, have decided to launch a quality label “symbolising their commitment to a continuous use of reliable data sources and processes.”

This with the challenging objective of making technical information for workshops more harmonised and updated, especially in the current context that sees assistance, maintenance and repair services increasingly present and widespread also in the e-mobility sector.

“With regard to current and future developments and the ever-increasing complexity of vehicle repair and maintenance information, an extremely high quality standard in terms of data publishing is more important than ever before – and all our members live up to this”, stated Ralf Pelkmann, President of ADPA.

ADPA Label: strong requirements

The ADPA Label is based on strong requirements, making it possible for automotive data publishers to join the association and get the label only if they follow the highest standards in terms of data sourcing.

“Only ADPA Members, among which Tekné Consulting, can bear the ADPA Label, a symbol of high quality standards.


Tekné Consulting Member of ADPA: scopri chi sono


ADPA Label: the Holders

Currently there are already eight international companies that hold the ADPA Label and therefore can guarantee a process aimed at finding safe and reliable technical information. Among them, we are proud to report our presence:

  • ALLDATA Europe GmbH,
  • Autodata Ltd,
  • HaynesPro,
  • Hella Gutmann Solutions A/S,
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • TecAlliance GmbH
  • Tekné Consulting Srl 

Becoming an ADPA member

The ADPA Association has planned a series of online workshops to raise awareness of this initiative.

To request more information and participate in the workshops, you can contact the secretariat ADPA or Pierre Thibaudat, Manager Government Affairs & Communication.


Member of ADPA


ADPA – European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association

Founded in 2016 and based in Brussels, ADPA is a Member of AFCAR, the Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair in the European Union.

ADPA aims to ensure fair access to automotive data and information and to provide competitive framework conditions for independent data publishers. This enables the publishers to design and provide competitive, innovative and multibrand products and services to operators of the automotive aftermarket.

Visit ADPA official site >

Discover Tekné’s new headquarters

We are pleased to present the first images of our new headquarters.

Tekné spaces are the place where our automotive professionals develop innovative solutions for the market.

Tekné Consulting Staff

Tekné Consulting Staff

Discover the new spaces conceived with the aim of facilitating the interaction and communication of our technical experts, favoring the matching of potentially convergent ideas and skills towards new business initiatives.  

Do you want to visit our spaces?Contact Us

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Information, Innovation, Evolution

In the management and dissemination of data

Winner of the 14th Trophy of Excellence 2017 GiPA at Autopromotec, the International Biennial of Equipment and Automotive Aftermarket, our company is specialized in the creation and supply of high quality Automotive services, through customized solutions to support the customer: Manufacturers, Distributors, Networks, Garage.

Every second in the Automotive market millions of data are created, modified or dissolved, acquiring value only if updated and made available in real time. 

Information requests come from all over the world every day. Only specialized technicians provide multi-channel solutions through innovative tools.

 Data control processes generate value through solution analysis and integrated guarantee management. 

Cutting-edge educational activities, backed up by the knw-how gained in the ground, offer the only answer to the exponential increase of data complexity.

Tekné wins the 2017 Gipa Excellence Trophy

Tekné Consulting was awarded the 14th GiPA Excellence Trophy 2017 at the historic Autopromotec event – International Biennial Exhibition of Equipment and Automotive Aftermarket for the Dissemination of Knowledge category.

We are extremely happy and satisfied with the prestigious goal achieved and we want to thank and share this award with all our employees.

Our company has been recognized by the Auto Repair and Distribution Professionals interviewed by GiPA as

the company that has been able to better meet their expectations in terms of information gathering to solve problems and learn about new systems in the daily performance of activities on cars.

From data and process management to customized software on networks’ needs, manufacturers and distributors.

Learn more about all the services provided by Tekné Consulting for the Automotive industry.